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    My breasts: a secret history, You magazine February 2011

    Follow the link below to read my feature on the mastopexy I’d wanted since I was 18

    24th February 2011

    Now the world (or the readers of You magazine, at any rate) know all about how I got my beautiful brand new boobs. I must be bonkers. God knows what my ex-colleagues/relations/future employers will think. But underwired bras are now uncomfortable and unneccessary, so I’m off to Selfridges with my friend Katie. She hates shopping […]

    Women’s networking: they are, are you? Marie-Claire, Feb 2011

    The new generation of women’s networking organisations have build on the female talent for collaboration and communication to create a set of powerful new business tools […]

    The art of solitude, Marie-Claire, Feb 2011

    Everyone should master the life skill of being comfortably alone […]